Battery Installation at Revensroost

The Parish Council is building a case to prevent the installation of a battery storage facility at Ravensroost.

We, as a Parish Council alone, have limited influence over Wiltshire County Council with regard to planning – and so for installations like this we need the help of the community.

All we can do is ask you to write your objections on the website. I should say that I expect some people will be in favour of the installation – we are not here, necessarily to change your view if you have one.

Our view, which we will submit in due course, is that this development on a green field site, on a narrow road, near our residents, is not appropriate.

If you concur, and you think you wouldn’t want this 100 yards from your house, help us support our residents, and help us save a green field site.


A previous, smaller, installation was approved a few years ago – but the planning expired and work was never started. In this case the new application is for a much bigger installation.

Please go to the Wiltshire council and lodge your views.

We have until July 28th to lodge opinions.

Thank you

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