Jubilee News

The Minety Jubilee weekend has left some lovely memories

The aim of the weekend was to provide a range of activities that would appeal to as many village residents as possible.

We did not plan to raise money but thanks to people donating for tea and cakes and reserving seats at the jubilee lunch. we did raise a small sum of money.

Having met recently  the Jubilee committee has come up with 3 ideas we would like to see as a permanent jubilee memorial. Ideally it will be something that will enhance both parts of the village

They are as follows

  1. Re decorate the bus stops – this will include repainting inside and then decorating the back wall with artwork.
  2. A jubilee bench to be placed somewhere in the village – suggested locations welcome
  3. A decorative village sign for both parts of the village
  4. Another suggestion

Please consider these suggestions and vote/ give your opinion by emailing or filling in a slip in the village shop

All replies/ votes by August 31st please


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