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Minety – St. Leonard

Our mission is to: “Engage with and serve the community of Minety.”
St Leonard’s has a committed core congregation of ~30 people. Attendances for normal Sunday Worship fluctuates between 15 and 30. At Festival Services and Remembrance Sunday the numbers vary between 65 and 150. The congregation for the liturgical services is mostly aged 50+.
The monthly pattern of worship includes 2 Holy Communion Services (one BCP) and 3 ‘Service of the Word’ services. Two home-based ‘Community Groups’ meet weekly, one in the school staff room and the other in a private home in Upper Minety. Sunday worship focuses on celebration and teaching; the home-based ‘community’ groups enable us to share and discuss how to apply God’s Word. This base, combined with the possibilities presented by the many leisure and sporting groups along with our strong links with the school, provides an ideal opportunity for outreach into these areas.