Recognising the efforts of our parishioners

As you all may be aware, the Minety clean up day took part this weekend, with many of our parishioners getting out and tidying up rubbish from verges, ditches and footpaths. There was a fantastic effort form those involved, and the parish council would like to thank everyone that took part.

The parish council were made aware, though some of us already knew, that one parishioner has been doing her own version of the clean up day 2-3 times a week, every week!! You may have seen Gill out and about, collecting everything from tyres to washing up bowls filled with plants and everything in between, especially as more of us have been out walking since lockdown No. 1.

To recognise her efforts, the parish council decided to buy her some gardening vouchers as a thank you, which Gill humbly accepted (after a lot of persuasion!!). We could all learn a lot from Gill’s actions – if everyone did a little bit here and there, the village would look great all year round, and Gill’s little black book would have far fewer entries!!

If you know of anyone who is doing something to make our community better and think recognition for that effort is deserving, please let the parish council know.

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